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    Dynamo Delay Black Series

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    Dynamo Delay Black Label Edition is the new and improved male genital desensitizing spray that temporarily helps prolong the time until ejaculation. Made with Lidocaine USP 13% (approx. 10mg per

    This non-irritating formula is clinically tested, safe, and effective. Comes in .50 Fl Oz bottle so it is TSA friendly.

    FDA Registered Product: NDC 69664-001-01

    0.5 Fl Oz. Bottle (15 mL)

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  • Dynamo Delay Black Series

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            Me: Pull Your Dick Out & Stroke it for me.                                                            HIM:Send me a nasty picture so i can hard.

            Me: What you wanna see baby                                                                                  Him: Surprise me                                                         


                                                How It Works:
1                 1 .Agree that you will be keep secret number 

                         private and never give it out.(see rules)
                  2. Purchase Plan. Download secret number.
                  3.Within half hour and you’ll receive a text.

               Note Depending on plan the numbers are 

                           different and kept seperate. Conversations are 

                   kept private. Once plan expires you 

                       will have to re purchase  plan.